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Monday Men's League News

Monday League Rules



  1. The League will consist of 1 division this year.
  2. The League is at 13 teams and therefore the season will be 12 weeks.The teams will play each other one time this year during the regular season.
  3. The League tee times will run from 5:00 until 5:18 and teams will play both nines throughout the season.
  4. Players under the age of 60 will play the blue tees, players aged 60 to 69 may play the white tees and players 70 years of age and older may play the forward tees.Whatever set of tees you begin with on the first hole must be the tees that you play the remainder of the round.  The highest score that a player may take on a hole is “double par”.  That means that on a par 3 the highest score is a 6, on a par 4 the highest score is an 8 and on a par 5 the highest score is a 10.
  5. The scoring system of 5 points will remain the same this year.There are 2 points for net score (A & B players), 2 points for net match play (A & B players) and 1 point for net team score.  In the event that there is only 1 player on a team the team point automatically goes to the full team.  The individual points are still available and the one player goes against both of the players on the other team.
  6. Handicaps:The handicaps for the Leagues will be generated within league play. The handicap for the first week will be determined by using your first round score.  The handicap for the second and third week will be determined by using the best score in the League so far.  After the third week the handicap will be determined by using the average score of the previous three weeks.  The handicap value is determined by using 80% of the difference between your average score and par.
  7. The ball will be played up, through the green, and you may improve the lie by one scorecard length.  Putts are to be holed out, however your opponent may concede a putt that is not more than a putter length (35”).  An opponent is not required to give these putts, so make sure that it is clear on any concession before picking your ball up.Shots of longer than the putter are not to be given.  If there are any questions as to rulings please play 2 balls and get a decision from Eddie.  If Eddie is not there at completion of play, reach out to the pro shop staff and explain the situation.  They can contact Eddie for a decision.
  8. Bunkers are to be played as a hazard.In other words, if you are in a footprint play it. The grass that is not normally mowed is played as a lateral hazard (example:  left side of #9)
  9. Scorecards are to be turned in immediately after play.Turn in the scorecards to the pro shop.
  10. Integrity:The League is based on the theory that every player is participating to have fun and play fairly.  If we would try to cover every little thing that a player could do to “go around the system” we would still miss items.  Come to play for fun and fairly.



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